Learning to edit photos is actually fun!


Hi y’all! Summer is winding down. The World’s Longest Yard Sale has come and gone (my finds…coming in a separate post).
A three piece vanity set has just been delivered to its happy recipient. A big ol’ buffet is in the works right now. Suffice it to say life and good and full!
 I am slowly learning all about this blogging/furniture designing/entrepreneurial stuff. Today, I decided it was high time I learned how to edit some photos because I really needed some good Before & After pics. I mean, they are just SO gratifying, are they not?
 I introduced myself to Picmonkey.com and boy, do I love it!!
 So without further ado, here are the collages I’ve made to show others, and especially potential clients, my work. Thanks for viewing.

 Have a great day!

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