Easy DIY Life Preserver “Wreath”


Hi friends!
Memorial Day is quickly closing in. It’s time to summer-ize your front door!
Seaside decor just screams summer to me, so I decided to make a wreath with a nod to the nautical.
Honestly, I wanted a cool vintage life preserver to hang as a wreath, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for at a reasonable price. So I created my own.
To make this wreath, you’ll need a few simple crafting items:

wreathsuppliesFoam wreath form (mine is about 16″) $7 at Walmart
Basic letter stencils $3 at Walmart
Acrylic Paint $2 (if your door will be very exposed to the elements, use an appropriate paint)
Paint applicator (sponge or brush. I used a sponge brush I had)
White opaque Duck Tape $3 at Walmart
Rope or cord of your choice. I used red paracord $2 at Walmart

This could not be easier. If you say you are an “uncreative” person (which I don’t really think exist, I think people are just too busy to tap into their creativity) THIS is the project for you. No creativity required! Just buy the materials, and follow the directions. Here’s how I made my “life preserver” wreath.wrappingwreath

1. Starting on the back of the wreath form, wrap the white Duck Tape around your wreath. Keep overlapping the tape, keeping it as smooth as possible on the front, until the whole form is covered. The tape is very sticky, and I had no problems getting it to adhere to the foam.

stencilwreath2. Using the letter stencils, paint the wording of your choice on the “preserver”
Make sure to let the paint on one letter dry before moving on to the next letter. It is not easy to get smeared paint off the Duck Tape.

Trick for getting the letters centered: write out the letters who want to use. Count, finding the center letter. Start from there and work your way out on either side. Don’t forget to count spaces the same as letters.

wreathwithcord3. Wrap 4 lengths of your cord or rope around the preserver in four spots to give it a good, nautical look.  Add on more long piece on top for hanging. Use pieces of Duck Tape to secure them in the back.


That’s all there is to it.
These would make adorable gifts if you’re going to visit someone at a beach house or lake cabin this summer.
I’d love to see if you make one of your own!


PS – This is not an actual lifesaving device. Don’t throw it to a drowning person. It won’t help them, and you’ll be sad you lost your front door work of art. :-)

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  1. Melody May 3, 2014 @ 2:55 pm

    This is a great idea Anne! I also think of summer when I see anything nautical. I also, love your front door color!! Do you know the name of the paint?

    • annethompson13@yahoo.com May 11, 2014 @ 2:20 am

      Thanks Melody!
      I have a filter on this pic so I don’t know if it would actually turn out like this :-)

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