September 2014

Hey everyone!
Hope you all had a great week. I am in the midst of training for a half marathon in a few weeks and I had my 8 mile run today. Oh. Dear.
I am exhausted and my whole body hurts so I am writing this post from my couch with a glass of wine.

So to distract myself from the ache in my muscles let’s talk furniture!
I had some fun working on these chairs for a great client this week.




She has fantastic taste and decided on a wide navy striped fabric from Premier Prints for the upholstery, and an espresso stain on the wood.

Once I took the backs off, she and I both decided we liked the chairs better with no back cushion! So we left it off. (We’re crazy like that.)

Wowsers, what a difference!



Love these. Love how simple and striking they are. Minwax Polyshades is your friend, people!

Now how about some great CL finds this week? Let’s go.

1. This hall tree is amazing. So gorgeous!! Hooks, umbrella stand, marble and mirror and it’s $50!


A vintage piece like this is a one stop shop method for adding charm, character, and function to your entry.

Source: Decor Arts Now

Source: Decor Arts Now (and be sure to read the post attached to this picture for excellent tips on making a new construction home look “old.” I’ve pinned it myself for future reference!)

2. Have you seen any projects that have gone for the card-catalog look? Lots of small drawers with that cool label holder hardware on them?

D Lawless Hardware Label Holder

(Btw, D. Lawless Hardware is an excellent source for label holders. I met the founder’s grandson at the 2014 Haven Conference, and what a cool company!)

My friend Bee from Windgate Lane did this one. Adorable, right?!


That look is totally attainable. You just have to look for the right piece of furniture. Which is what I found on Craigslist this week!

This dresser.

IMG_4094.JPGPut three of those label holders on the three spaces across the top, and maybe some matching cup pulls on the bottom two doors.D Lawless Hardware Cup Pull

This piece would make a perfect “card catalog” entry table for a mere $25!Craigslist Hall Table

Give family members their own drawer to stash their stuff.  Again, add some of those label holders and you are good to go (although I really like the dark stain on the body of this one on Etsy)!

Card Catalog Foyer Table via Etsy

And this cool side table is practically screaming. “Someone please make me a card catalog!”  Can you hear it? Yeah you can! $40!

Craigslist Side Table with Tiny Drawers


3. I love campaign furniture. It has those metal – brass if you’re lucky – pieces on the front of it, at the corners.

Here’s a great set for the right space. Maybe a boy’s room?Campaign Desk and Hutch

Campaign Dresser

And here’s a smaller piece, too.

Campaign Nightstand

Gorgeous, no?!

That’s it for this week. Have a lovely one, friends!



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Hey friends!

I’m still getting this place Fall-ified.

(What? It’s totally a word.)

This project was one of those happy accidents. I had a faux pumpkin – the plastic foam kind that are for sale at craft stores this time of year.

faux pumpkin I sat it on my craft table and when I sat down and started to work on another project, I looked up and saw my can of Minwax Polyshades sitting there. Bingo!

polyshades on pumpkinThis project is as simple as one coat of Espresso Gloss Polyshades on a faux pumpkin. Polyshades is a fantastic product, by the way, and I’m not being paid to say that.

liquor cabinet with polyshadesI’ve used it on several pieces of furniture now and just love it. It’s polyurethane that has a stain mixed right in.

blue poly chairIt’s a one stop shop for giving wood a new look. Love it. Comes in Satin finish too :-)

So poly that pumpkin. Go for it!

poly on pumpkin 2

Once it’s dry, you can embellish it if you want. I had a package of silver toned furniture nails that I got from Lowe’s. They are $1.30 for a pack of 25.  pumpkin studs

You can lay them out on the table to get an idea of what design you want to use. fall studs

Press them into place on your shiny new pumpkin and get ready to wow the neighbors!

fall pumpkin

I absolutely love the way this turned out.

stained pumpkin doneGlam and pretty and totally customizable.

stained studded pumpkinI think they’d make great hostess gifts or teacher gifts!



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Welcome fall with a simple, pretty project. Read on to see how I did mine!

Hey there!

Fall is in the air and I’m here today to share a very inexpensive way to add a little autumnal flair to your home, with things easily accessible and easy on the wallet.

Coffee can and a thrifted shirt make for an inexpensive decorative touch

Coffee can and a thrifted shirt make for an inexpensive decorative touch

My first stop was my favorite thrift store. Hit the boys or the men’s department and find a good fall-ish shirt. I picked up a rusty orange colored button down with a little stain on the front pocket, for $2.99.

Then I scooted over to the Dollar Tree. I grabbed a few of their faux flowers and leaves on stems. $1.00 each. At home, I had waiting for me a hot glue gun (although you could use craft glue, or whatever alternative you have that works), a roll of twine, and an empty coffee can.

Check to see how much fabric you'll need to cover your can

Check to see how much fabric you’ll need to cover your can

I got a rough estimate of the size of the can I was going to cover and I cut a panel from the back of the shirt that would be plenty big enough to cover it.

fall centerpiece cut fabricCut a strip a couple of inches taller than the can so you can wrap the fabric over the top and secure it inside the can, as well as fold it underneath and secure there. I peeled off the coffee label first.

fall centerpiece glue edge

Turn over the edge of the fabric where you want to start covering the can and glue it down to prevent fraying.

fall centerpiece cover canThen just start working your way around the can, gluing and pressing the fabric down as you go.

fall centerpiece can insideWhen you get to the end, leave enough fabric so that you can fold the edge over and secure it like you did the beginning, to prevent fraying.

fall centerpiece almost coveredOnce the can is covered, wrap the twine around the can and glue in back to secure.

fall centerpiece wrap twine

Tie a bow in front and glue underneath it.fall centerpiece twine bow

Arrange the stems of leaves and flowers inside and you’re done!

fall centerpiece complete

And keep your eyes peeled at the thrift store for some brass items to warm up your fall mantel.  fall centerpiece mantel done

These candlesticks (and $1 glittered pumpkins, also from the Dollar Tree) did the trick for me.

fall centerpiece mantel

Happy Fall!


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Hi friends!

It’s been way too long since I did a good Craigslist post and there are some really great finds out there (on the Cincinnati site) right now!  I’ve even picked one or two up myself.

So without further ado, here are some fab pieces you should consider scooping up if you’re in the market for any furniture!

1. How about a $10 bookcase?

Look at how cute I'd be with some paint! :-)

Look at how cute I’d be with some paint! :-)

This one reminds me of a sweet little  number that Land of Nod sells.  Even on sale the cute one from LoN is $250!! I mean come on…..jenny-lind-bookcase-azure

You too could have the look, for a whole lot less moolah.  This is an easy target for spray painting too.  Repeat after me, “Spindles and paintbrushes don’t mix.”  Good. Now go grab it before I do.  Perfect for a kids room or playroom.

2. I love scrolling through the cute dress-up storage that people have made , like this “Dress Up Headquarters” posted over at A Turtle’s Life for Me!

Dress Up HQ via A Turtle's Life for Me

Dress Up HQ via A Turtle’s Life for Me

And this little cabinet would be just perfect, don’t you think?

Craigslist Dress-Up Dresser

It is only $10!  What if you took out the bottom drawer, and made that area a little shoe shelf, then used the drawer to hang necklaces on the wall?

Etsy jewelry display drawer


3. This is a unique find, and for the right kid, would be a TOTAL score! I love this little wood workbench.

Kids Wood Workbench on Craigslist

Kids Wood Workbench on Craigslist

My head just swims with all the fun ways you could paint it and accessorize it, like this posted over on Ana White’s fabulous site.

Kids Workbench

I think I’d stain the legs, too, and then paint the pegboard in the back with their name… like “Sam’s Workshop.”  Add some hooks for hardhats and the like, and a bin for scrap wood pieces from Grandpa’s shop.  Waa laa. Boy. Heaven.  And the Craigslist version is only $15!! You couldn’t make it that cheap. Score!

4.  Some of the things I love buying most secondhand are storage and organization pieces. I love storage – who doesn’t? But I hate paying a lot for it.  Pieces like this one are so super versatile.Craigslist Wood Shelves

Mudroom. Closet. Foyer. Bedroom. Laundry room.  Anywhere. It is wood, has shelves and cubbies, and is $20!

Looks an awful lot like the beginnings of this fabulous entry organizer from Better Homes & Gardens, huh?

BHG Entry Organization

Or, if the open space at the top isn’t working for you, add another board across the top and increase the storage even more.  Aren’t the cubbies on the sides perfect looking for small bags/purses or shoes? What about books? Toys? Arts and crafts supplies.  Love it.

5. Last but not least is this charming display shelf/bookcase/etagere.

Craigslist Etagere

I just love it. Think it looks too dark and heavy? Think again.

Somerset Bay St. Bart's Etagere

This one from Somerset Bay will set you back $2000. For reals.

Save your money. You can paint this $35 Craigslist find. And then go on vacation. :-)

Thank you so much for reading. Have a suggestion or something you’d like to see on these posts? Let me know in the comments! I just love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day!



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