DIY Upcycled Fall Centerpiece

Welcome fall with a simple, pretty project. Read on to see how I did mine!

Hey there!

Fall is in the air and I’m here today to share a very inexpensive way to add a little autumnal flair to your home, with things easily accessible and easy on the wallet.

Coffee can and a thrifted shirt make for an inexpensive decorative touch

Coffee can and a thrifted shirt make for an inexpensive decorative touch

My first stop was my favorite thrift store. Hit the boys or the men’s department and find a good fall-ish shirt. I picked up a rusty orange colored button down with a little stain on the front pocket, for $2.99.

Then I scooted over to the Dollar Tree. I grabbed a few of their faux flowers and leaves on stems. $1.00 each. At home, I had waiting for me a hot glue gun (although you could use craft glue, or whatever alternative you have that works), a roll of twine, and an empty coffee can.

Check to see how much fabric you'll need to cover your can

Check to see how much fabric you’ll need to cover your can

I got a rough estimate of the size of the can I was going to cover and I cut a panel from the back of the shirt that would be plenty big enough to cover it.

fall centerpiece cut fabricCut a strip a couple of inches taller than the can so you can wrap the fabric over the top and secure it inside the can, as well as fold it underneath and secure there. I peeled off the coffee label first.

fall centerpiece glue edge

Turn over the edge of the fabric where you want to start covering the can and glue it down to prevent fraying.

fall centerpiece cover canThen just start working your way around the can, gluing and pressing the fabric down as you go.

fall centerpiece can insideWhen you get to the end, leave enough fabric so that you can fold the edge over and secure it like you did the beginning, to prevent fraying.

fall centerpiece almost coveredOnce the can is covered, wrap the twine around the can and glue in back to secure.

fall centerpiece wrap twine

Tie a bow in front and glue underneath it.fall centerpiece twine bow

Arrange the stems of leaves and flowers inside and you’re done!

fall centerpiece complete

And keep your eyes peeled at the thrift store for some brass items to warm up your fall mantel.  fall centerpiece mantel done

These candlesticks (and $1 glittered pumpkins, also from the Dollar Tree) did the trick for me.

fall centerpiece mantel

Happy Fall!


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