Hey everyone!
Hope you all had a great week. I am in the midst of training for a half marathon in a few weeks and I had my 8 mile run today. Oh. Dear.
I am exhausted and my whole body hurts so I am writing this post from my couch with a glass of wine.

So to distract myself from the ache in my muscles let’s talk furniture!
I had some fun working on these chairs for a great client this week.




She has fantastic taste and decided on a wide navy striped fabric from Premier Prints for the upholstery, and an espresso stain on the wood.

Once I took the backs off, she and I both decided we liked the chairs better with no back cushion! So we left it off. (We’re crazy like that.)

Wowsers, what a difference!



Love these. Love how simple and striking they are. Minwax Polyshades is your friend, people!

Now how about some great CL finds this week? Let’s go.

1. This hall tree is amazing. So gorgeous!! Hooks, umbrella stand, marble and mirror and it’s $50!


A vintage piece like this is a one stop shop method for adding charm, character, and function to your entry.

Source: Decor Arts Now

Source: Decor Arts Now (and be sure to read the post attached to this picture for excellent tips on making a new construction home look “old.” I’ve pinned it myself for future reference!)

2. Have you seen any projects that have gone for the card-catalog look? Lots of small drawers with that cool label holder hardware on them?

D Lawless Hardware Label Holder

(Btw, D. Lawless Hardware is an excellent source for label holders. I met the founder’s grandson at the 2014 Haven Conference, and what a cool company!)

My friend Bee from Windgate Lane did this one. Adorable, right?!


That look is totally attainable. You just have to look for the right piece of furniture. Which is what I found on Craigslist this week!

This dresser.

IMG_4094.JPGPut three of those label holders on the three spaces across the top, and maybe some matching cup pulls on the bottom two doors.D Lawless Hardware Cup Pull

This piece would make a perfect “card catalog” entry table for a mere $25!Craigslist Hall Table

Give family members their own drawer to stash their stuff.  Again, add some of those label holders and you are good to go (although I really like the dark stain on the body of this one on Etsy)!

Card Catalog Foyer Table via Etsy

And this cool side table is practically screaming. “Someone please make me a card catalog!”  Can you hear it? Yeah you can! $40!

Craigslist Side Table with Tiny Drawers


3. I love campaign furniture. It has those metal – brass if you’re lucky – pieces on the front of it, at the corners.

Here’s a great set for the right space. Maybe a boy’s room?Campaign Desk and Hutch

Campaign Dresser

And here’s a smaller piece, too.

Campaign Nightstand

Gorgeous, no?!

That’s it for this week. Have a lovely one, friends!



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Hi friends!

Once upon a time I asked some of my Facebook peeps if they’d like to have a post on what I’d buy on Craigslist done in their cities. To my utter shock, people jumped at the offer!

So better late than never, per the request of Heather from Queen of Everything, we are off to the Dallas/Fort Worth area!

1. If you’re in the market for a piece to reupholster, but you kind of, well, don’t really know what you’re doing yet, you need a guinea pig piece. I nominate this one.

Adorable, right? And ten bucks! Get a good staple gun, some cute fabric, and get ready to YouTube your brains out.

You can SO do this. And, as a bonus, I also nominate this cute ottoman/footstool to become your new chair’s partner in crime.

And since you asked so nicely, here’s my pick for a fabric to upholster them both:

If that doesn’t scream “Spring!” I don’t know what does. Happy dance!

2. I’ve never picked a quilt rack before, but this has a few things going for it.

It’s got very pretty legs, known as “barley twist” which is something I’d never heard of before Heather said she liked that style of furniture. You’ve got expensive taste, girl, because everything I found that was called “barley twist” had several zeros behind the list price!  This little gal is only $45, and would make a charming addition to a guest room or family room. It’s been painted a bright white, and looks like it’s lightly distressed. Hope you like it, Heather!

3. What a great deal on a bright chair! It could be the fact that I’m plotting a redo of my guest room in red and white, and this chair would be perfect, but I just think this is so cute!

It’s currently on the Pier1 website for $80, so this, my friends, is a true steal!
Put it in your entry (like this one) for an instant pick-me-up.

4.  Maybe you have an old light fixture you want to switch out.  I think this wicker pendant is adorable, and they are everywhere right now.

Remodelista compared some higher and lower end lights, but even the “steals” out there are no match for the $20 price tag on the Craigslist find! I love the idea of hanging it over the living area like this.

5. I don’t yet own any campaign-style furniture, but I sure would love to, one day. And if you would, too, then I suggest scooping up this coffee table for $20.

You can clean it up, and use it as-is. It comes with a glass top, too, which is super nice and prevents you from worrying about spills, etc.
And, you’ll get the look of this coffee table, which retails for almost $3000. Yes, there are three zeros in that price tag.

Or you could paint it a bright color, in a lacquer finish, and have a showstopper.

Painted campaign furniture can be such a stunner. 

I love the pops of brass against the colors.

So there you have it. My picks for you crafty, thrifty, awesome Texans out there.  And here’s the disclaimer I always feel the need to include in my Craigslist posts.  I’ve been buying and selling from Craigslist for years. I have yet to have a problem. I always use my common sense. Take a friend or relative with you (especially the large, male type if you have one.) If a piece is small enough, you can ask to meet in a public spot, like a well-lit grocery store parking lot.  Be careful. Be safe.  And have fun.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this!
If you would like to see more of these kinds of posts, you can catch me at these spots:


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Hi friends and Merry Christmas!

What an awesome time of year. I’ve taken several weeks off from doing this post, but I missed it, so here we go!

1. Beautiful King size caned bed

You cannot go wrong with a classic like this. Ballard Designs has a gorgeous option that will run you $1000.
So the seller’s asking price of about $200 seems like a good deal to me!

2. The gift of a dollhouse is timeless and what little girl wouldn’t love a house like this one?

It does say it needs some work, but isn’t that what January is for? A good project to pass the time… For $80, I just love this.

3. I’ve shown you chairs like these before, but as I have also mentioned in the past, finding things in pairs can be especially difficult if you are buying secondhand.  And things in pairs can be especially helpful when it comes to decorating and staging your living spaces.  Symmetry is your friend.
So GRAB these for $35 and run.

And you are already imagining them with new upholstery, aren’t you?
This Etsy seller did a fantastic job.

Never gets old, does it? :-)

4. I love a simple wooden bench like this, called a deacon’s bench, I believe.

It is beautiful in its spare design… so unfussy.  Great in a foyer or bedroom or hallway if you have room.

What about using this at your kitchen table for a change? Just a thought.
For the life of me I cannot find a good photo of a room where someone has done this, but I think it would be really great looking.

5. What fun is this table?

We put our crack team of investigators here on the case to find out what this is, and in case you didn’t already guess, it is a sewing machine table.  According to this woman, who also found one

it dates back to the 1890’s.  Very cool. And so striking with the cast iron bottom.
No sewing machine included in the one for sale now, and as you can see the pedal at the bottom is missing, as is the original cabinet on top, but the stand alone I think is worth the $65 the seller is asking.
I found old ads for these machines… here

How cool is that? 
Even if you are not a sewing type person, this would make a fabulous addition to your home.  Instant history.
And I cannot read one word of this, but I don’t need to.  This is gorgeous in any language.

So there you have it. 
As always, if you choose to buy from these sellers or anyone on Craigslist, please be smart, be safe, take a friend with you, and as the song says, “don’t outsmart your common sense.”
To anyone whose eyes are on this page, I just want to say thank you for taking a few minutes to spend with me here. This is more fun for me than you’ll ever know!
And Merry Christmas.
May all the blessings of the season be yours.

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Hi friends!

Made my first pot of chili… I love fall.  But it’s also the time of year that yard sales tend to start winding down where I live. So, besides the thrift store, Craigslist is my fix. :-)

So here goes:

1. This adorable white spindle table.  It has great lines and detail.  And it’s $35.

Put it in a girls room.  Or the guest room.  Or the bathroom.  Or the living room.

I think I’d leave it white, although this looks awesome painted bright blue.

2. This $25 planting table/workbench.  If you have room for it, please buy it so that when I build my garage I can buy it from you.  :-)  

This one is featured at HGTV.com

I must be feeing lazy this week because I actually like this just the way it is, too, although this one in white is so great.  Doesn’t it just make you want to plant something??

I just love the idea of a place to store your tools, and pots, and watering can and cute garden gloves.  Organize it all this fall so that when spring comes, you’re ready to roll.

3. Pick up this very vintage 70’s looking queen/full size headboard for $30.

Don’t make that face.  I’m telling you, bad 60’s and 70’s furniture with all the carvings and turned posts on it is the BEST stuff to paint.  Looks fabulous.
Don’t believe me?  Now, it’s not identical, but our friends over at Pottery Barn would ask you to cough up $1500 for their white version, the Caroline bed.

But if you don’t want to use it as a headboard, you can do what this brilliant woman did and turn it into a fantastic front porch welcome sign…. what?! I love that!!!

Heck this other headboard is a measley $10.

Paint the panel with chalkboard paint and rotate messages.  Seriously? People are so smart.  This is just adorable.

4. These $6 footstool legs are so great (so long as they are sturdy – and I’d ask when I contact the seller.)

Besides having a pretty footstool around to look at,

I think it’s great to have in case a little one would like to pull a chair up to the coffee table and color or something.  Get a piece of plywood, some foam and batting and cover it in anything you want! You could easily add higher sides to it like this one, also.

I also think it would be cute to put next to a kid’s bed if the bed sits up high.  Sooo cute.

5. I think this is a very old antique rocking chair.

And I bet it would look amazing recovered and updated in a very special little one’s room.  Can you see it?  I sure can.  That’s exactly what these people did.

What a cool piece!

As I mentioned up top, I went thrifting this week (to escape the madding news coverage of the government shutdown #furious) and scored two great pieces…one for me!

Here they are – a vintage 60’s or 70’s coffee table (remember? great pieces to paint) and this unusual arm chair.

It was the woodwork on the front of this chair that had me at hello. SO cool!! I cannot wait to see it in a fresh new fabric and a coat of paint. Those turned legs and carvings are just going to pop!

And I am keeping the coffee table.  More about that later.
Remember, friends, if you decide to buy something on Craigslist, BE SMART.  I do not know any of these sellers – and I always try to make my Craigslist interactions as transparent as possible… take someone with you.  If the piece isn’t huge, you can ask to meet in a public place like a grocery store parking lot.  If your gut tells your something isn’t right, listen to it.

Now, that said, get out there and do something awesome!


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Hi friends!
You know I love Craigslist, probably more than the average bear.  It is a treasure trove of things just waiting to be reinvented, or used again.  As always remember that safety is the most important thing when shopping Craigslist!!  Be smart and safe and always take someone with you if you are picking an item up, and make sure someone knows where you are going and who you are expecting to meet.  That said, I don’t know any of the people selling these items.  I haven’t seen any of them in person.  So if you want to buy one of these things, just know I can’t personally vouch for them.  But I would buy each of them myself if I could. :-)

1.  It’s not furniture.  But it’s adorable and vintage and would look fantastic sitting on a table in a hallway somewhere.  Add a vase of flowers.  Be tempted to start that novel you’ve been meaning to write (this thing still works!)  Hint: if you’re not the novel-penning type, get a cool piece of card stock.  Type out a page full of “Happy Birthday from the Smiths,” cut them up, tie them on to gifts and look COOL.

2.  Run.  Do not walk.  And someone please go buy this chair.  Why, you ask?

Because you paint it a gorgeous creamy white, and join the ranks of happy people everywhere who have cheated the Pottery Barn Gods by stealing a look of theirs FOR $300 LESS.

3.  Fuzzy picture.  Clear winner.  This coffee table has loads of character, storage, and leaves you can pull up for more space with guests or with the kids to play a board game.

Paint it and show off all the great detail (like this one that looks like it sold for $225 on Etsy although the link is broken.)

4.  Find a cozy corner of your home, fill it with books, a blanket, and this chair.

Or this one.

But first, give it a fresh blue and red color scheme. Gorgeous, right?

5. Ok this last one requires a little imagination. But it would be a conversation piece for sure!
Pick up this unique side table.

Paint the body of it white like this one.

Then paint the faux book spines a soft beige, or mod podge some burlap onto them. Grab a stencil and some white paint.  Stay with me.
You would hopefully end up with a look like this on the spines:

Would that not be cool?!
I hope you can see that in your head as I can.

Now get out there and make something awesome!!


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Taking a break from the bathroom reno to share some awesome things (with awesome price tags) that I found on Craigslist this week.  As I’ve said before, I don’t know these sellers.  I haven’t seen these pieces.  If you decide to buy them, be smart and be careful!

1. Chic bistro set.  $25 – Get the rust off this thing.   Paint it a hot color.  Sip coffee and look adorable.  Repeat last step as much as possible. :-)

2.   Set of four bar stools. $85 – Bar stools are ridiculously expensive.  Don’t fall for it!  Buy these.  Re-cover the seats in hip fabric.  Smile every time you sit on them.  
3. Oval wall mirror.  $25 – Gold is back.  Buy this.  Hang in on the front of a bookcase.  Look like you just fell out of House Beautiful.  (Here’s the link to where I found this pic.  However the source listed there is a dead end…)
4.  Buy this. Just trust me.  It’s $50!!  And oh my word, it’s beautiful.
5. Don’t buy this.  Because I am :-) For the money, you cannot beat an old coffee table like this.  Paint it  a soft color and distress it, then sit back and watch people ooh and aah.  
like this:
Or, skip the soft color and paint it bright yellow and watch people offer you $115 for it.   
like this:
Either way, it has great lines and storage! $10- what??
Hope you have a great weekend!

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**Update** A big thank you and lots of love to Beckie at Roadkill Rescue, for featuring this little project. You can see it here.

It may seem very small, what we home decor/artist/designer types do. But I have a little chair in my basement that makes me feel otherwise.

This little friend.

She was sad, alone, and definitely had seen better days.

I’ve had those days myself… anyone else?
I picked her up in parking lot of my favorite thrift store and added her to my collection.

Then I got the chance to go to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH last fall.
Check out a video here:

AWESOME, btw.  You should go. I grabbed up some sweet fabric at one of the booths there (darn it, I can’t remember the name. I’ll update if I do!) – a laminated cotton with a red and white chevron print.  I didn’t know where I would use it but who cares?! IT MADE ME SMILE. When I realized it would be perfect to recover my new chair, I went for it. This was an easy peasy project, made oh so simple thanks to the purchase of my electric staple gun. You could probably do it in an afternoon. The chair came apart in two pieces.  I simply unscrewed the back piece and then unscrewed the legs from the seat.  The original label was still attached, and I love that so I laid it aside.

Then I peeled the layer of (paper?) off the bottom.   It was basically disintegrating in my hands.

Next I took off the blue vinyl seat cover and added a new layer of batting for comfort.

Then I laid out the seat on my fabric – be sure to position it the way you want it.  It can be kind of easy to confuse the front of the chair with the back of the chair when the seat is sitting there all by itself. The I started stapling the new fabric on. This staple gun has been a lifesaver.  (I’m not getting paid to say this – just my experience.)

I’m learning that upholstering anything is about art as much as it is about science.  You just have to work with your fabric and see what looks best.  I am absolutely not an expert on upholstering.

Wa-la! Now for the back and seat. They were rusty.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, so I just tried some fine grit sandpaper.

Worked like a charm!

Almost done… I had some black fabric that covers the bottom of upholstered furniture.  So I cut a piece out and stapled that on the bottom of my seat.

Then I screwed the legs back on. The I knew approximately where the screw holes were, so I just felt around until I found them with my finger.  I put the leg frame in place and started screwing it back on. The only slight hiccup was that the screws would “catch” on the fabric a bit, and it would start to twist and pucker around the screw hole.  To fix this, I would turn the screw in a little ways then unscrew it some to loosen up the fabric.  I repeated this until the screws were all in.  You’ll just have to keep an eye on it.

I took the original label and stapled it back on.

I screwed the back on, same as the legs.

That’s it!  This would be a GREAT first project if you are interested in tackling upholstery.  There’s a ton of good info out there with more expertise about how to do it well, so go take advantage of it.  You can do it!!

Sometimes people tell me they’re not creative.  Here’s what I think… you don’t have to be completely creative. You don’t have to figure it all out yourself or come up with something no one else has thought of.  There are SO many ideas, tutorials, how-to’s out there… so pick one with a good step-by-step and give it a shot. YOU have to power to make things better… a castoff chair, a thrifted picture frame, a lamp.  Pick something small and start there. It’s a powerful message.  That even when something looks unloved, it has the potential to be great.  As do we all. It’s empowering. And chances are it will make you smile. I know it makes me smile! This little beauty is going to the home of a friend, where it will be used by her adorable kiddos.  Win. Win.  :-)

XO, Anne

House of Rose

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