Once upon a time in a kingdom not so far away, a beautiful girl met a handsome guy, and they fell madly in love.  A ring was bought.  A knee was bent.  A question was asked.  And soon the kingdom prepared to celebrate a wedding!

In this story, the girl is my sweet sister, Allison and the guy is now her husband, Peter.  (The cutie on their lap is mine) And I, as one of two older sisters of the bride, conspired to throw a shower my sis would remember forever!

I wanted to share with you the projects I worked on that made the most impact for the guests, but didn’t necessarily mean dropping a lot of money.  Here’s how I did it:

1. Use their colors on thrift store items for a cohesive look.  Our bridesmaid dresses were teal, and the flowers were purple.  So I went with that.  This is obviously not a new concept – but here’s how I improvised and included them.  I grabbed thrift store items I could use to decorate my mantel (the party was at my house) and gave them all a coat of spray paint to unify them.

One of the items was a charger – the kind that are always hanging around the thrift store and dollar store.  I personalized it with their names, initial, wedding date, and location of their ceremony.  If you aren’t the painting type, use a stencil, stamps, or vinyl.

I also did a vase that I’d fill with fresh flowers for the party – the words I added with a white paint pen.

And an added bonus?  All these lovely items made another appearance at the wedding as decor, and then were keepsakes for the happy couple!

2. Use nature.  This was an autumn shower, so when we went to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins, gourds, and such for our house, we got a little extra for the front porch where all the guests would come in.

I set everything up nicely on the porch.  And I added some flair – again a little paint and some ribbon.

I crafted a few other things for the front porch.  You can see hiding in the background above a peek at one of my most favorite thrifted finds EVER.  It’s a giant stand-up chalkboard like you see outside restaurants on the sidewalk.  I think it had a beer logo on the front.  I spray painted it white and added some neutral bunting across the top, and we use it for everything!  Shower, Thanksgiving, Christmas… so much fun.  I looked online for ideas to make it a really fancy drawing… it turned out really cute.  I wrote, “Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue.  Allison’s ready to say I Do!  Welcome to the shower!”

People said they loved it!

I also used a plain grapevine wreath I had, and bought two black wooden letters for the bride and groom’s initials at Michael’s. I painted some white designs on them, and just tied them onto the wreath with black thread.  I added a teal ribbon…and done.

3. Hit the Dollar Store, baby!  I found spools of white tulle there, and grabbed some of my fancy champagne flutes.  Tied tulle bows around the stems and added them to the mantel.  I also used some jewelry I found at yard sales and stuck those on the bows.  Looked wedding-y and cost almost nothing.

4. Make it personal.   I was invited to the groom’s hometown – shout out to Owensboro, Kentucky – for a shower and while I was there, I went looking for something from Owensboro I could use as favors.  I found it at a fantastic local orchard where they make their own Apple Butter, which is divine.

I bought 6 big jars, and ordered small favor-sized jars online.  I also ordered printed labels, and the day before the party, I decanted the goods into the jars.  I loved having a piece of Peter there – it was so sweet.

I also did a quick sign to sit next to the favors, explaining what it was and why we were giving it out. It read, “Allison found something great in Owensboro, KY and so did we! Apple butter from Reid’s Orchard. Please take one!”
The large jars the butter came in made perfect flower vases, and looked adorable.  EEEK!  I loved this!

The day was memorable, full of family and friends, good food, and LOTS of presents.

But most importantly, it was filled with love.

I’m so happy for my sister, who made a stunningly beautiful bride, and I hope you can use some of these ideas to shower someone you love, too.


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Hi everyone!
I’m shocking myself a bit with this post, because while art, design, and writing are my areas of expertise, technology and math are not!
Nonetheless, this morning I was able to make printable valentines for my son to pass out at school, and it didn’t cost me anything.

My son got this DK Eyewitness book as a gift this past year.

It came with a Clip-Art CD, but until now we haven’t used it at all.

He has been asked to write out a valentine to each member of his class, and he wasn’t looking forward to it (or anything resembling homework). I figured if I could make some valentines he’d like, he might be less resistant to getting this project done.

So I sent him off to school, got out the book and CD, and got to work experimenting. We use Open Office’s free software (find it here) not Microsoft Word, so if that’s what you have, this process may differ slightly, but you should still be able to do it.

I opened Open Office, and when it asked me to choose a format (spreadsheet, word document, etc.) I chose “Drawing.”
Once I was in the document, I went up the “File” tab, and clicked, “Open.”
I chose the CD as the source to open, picked a clip-art file, and boom – it showed up on my page!! Yes, people, this is exciting for me. Stop laughing. Really.

I found the option to shrink the art to a size where I could fit three of them on a page, and then copied and pasted it twice to give me three valentines on one 8×11 page.

I added text that went with my airplane theme. Ahem, “You MACH me happy!” Not too girly or anything, so my 2nd grader would be cool with handing them out.

I added a To and a From line, so he can write in his name and his classmates names.
Copied and pasted those twice and printed out my creation…. and it worked!!!

I will probably go print them on cardstock at Staples for a few bucks, and staple it to whatever goodie we end up handing out.

I am so pumped that I was able to use something we already had to make a valentine for my kiddo!

These books are pretty popular, so if you have one, go find it and start playing. You can also find them here.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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**Update** A big thank you and lots of love to Beckie at Roadkill Rescue, for featuring this little project. You can see it here.

It may seem very small, what we home decor/artist/designer types do. But I have a little chair in my basement that makes me feel otherwise.

This little friend.

She was sad, alone, and definitely had seen better days.

I’ve had those days myself… anyone else?
I picked her up in parking lot of my favorite thrift store and added her to my collection.

Then I got the chance to go to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH last fall.
Check out a video here:

AWESOME, btw.  You should go. I grabbed up some sweet fabric at one of the booths there (darn it, I can’t remember the name. I’ll update if I do!) – a laminated cotton with a red and white chevron print.  I didn’t know where I would use it but who cares?! IT MADE ME SMILE. When I realized it would be perfect to recover my new chair, I went for it. This was an easy peasy project, made oh so simple thanks to the purchase of my electric staple gun. You could probably do it in an afternoon. The chair came apart in two pieces.  I simply unscrewed the back piece and then unscrewed the legs from the seat.  The original label was still attached, and I love that so I laid it aside.

Then I peeled the layer of (paper?) off the bottom.   It was basically disintegrating in my hands.

Next I took off the blue vinyl seat cover and added a new layer of batting for comfort.

Then I laid out the seat on my fabric – be sure to position it the way you want it.  It can be kind of easy to confuse the front of the chair with the back of the chair when the seat is sitting there all by itself. The I started stapling the new fabric on. This staple gun has been a lifesaver.  (I’m not getting paid to say this – just my experience.)

I’m learning that upholstering anything is about art as much as it is about science.  You just have to work with your fabric and see what looks best.  I am absolutely not an expert on upholstering.

Wa-la! Now for the back and seat. They were rusty.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, so I just tried some fine grit sandpaper.

Worked like a charm!

Almost done… I had some black fabric that covers the bottom of upholstered furniture.  So I cut a piece out and stapled that on the bottom of my seat.

Then I screwed the legs back on. The I knew approximately where the screw holes were, so I just felt around until I found them with my finger.  I put the leg frame in place and started screwing it back on. The only slight hiccup was that the screws would “catch” on the fabric a bit, and it would start to twist and pucker around the screw hole.  To fix this, I would turn the screw in a little ways then unscrew it some to loosen up the fabric.  I repeated this until the screws were all in.  You’ll just have to keep an eye on it.

I took the original label and stapled it back on.

I screwed the back on, same as the legs.

That’s it!  This would be a GREAT first project if you are interested in tackling upholstery.  There’s a ton of good info out there with more expertise about how to do it well, so go take advantage of it.  You can do it!!

Sometimes people tell me they’re not creative.  Here’s what I think… you don’t have to be completely creative. You don’t have to figure it all out yourself or come up with something no one else has thought of.  There are SO many ideas, tutorials, how-to’s out there… so pick one with a good step-by-step and give it a shot. YOU have to power to make things better… a castoff chair, a thrifted picture frame, a lamp.  Pick something small and start there. It’s a powerful message.  That even when something looks unloved, it has the potential to be great.  As do we all. It’s empowering. And chances are it will make you smile. I know it makes me smile! This little beauty is going to the home of a friend, where it will be used by her adorable kiddos.  Win. Win.  :-)

XO, Anne

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My oldest turned 7 over the summer and we moved shortly before that.  All in all, it was time for some new room decor.  His first “big boy” room was transportation themed and he loved it.  So did I.  But times change, and so we moved on to bigger and better things.

There are two major caveats that I should throw out there that made this room possible.  My awesome in-laws downsized, and we were the beneficiaries – very nice furniture.  We inherited:  a full size metal headboard and bed frame from Room and Board (similar to this), a dresser from Room and Board (similar to this), as well as a desk, nightstand, and two lamps.

He fell in love with baseball, so I set about giving him a slugger’s space. (I took this pic in our backyard.)

Almost everything was found on the cheap. It took most of the summer, hitting yard sales, checking out eBay and Etsy, combing through Craiglist, and sifting through piles at my favorite thrift store.  I also worked online sales sites like Groupon.

We did grab in a new duvet cover, a simple navy and white stripe. (Found at Target, here)

The first thing I did was embroider a little design on one of his pillowcases.  He’s a fan of both the Cincinnati Reds as well as the Milwaukee Brewers.  So with some embroidery floss, I stitched this on by hand.  Easy peasy.  It’s washed up fine, too. (Like the wrinkled pillowcase?  Just keepin’ it real, folks.)

I scored this shelf on Craigslist for $5.  Is it heirloom quality stuff? No.  It’s plastic. But it fit our theme, and our colors so I added it.  It’s a home for bobbleheads, little league trophies, and keepsakes from the pro games he’s been to.

One of the lamps my in-laws gave us had this great, rectangular shaped shade.  It begged for a design.  I found a Babe Ruth quote, grabbed a paint pen, Googled a baseball-ish font, and 15 minutes later, had this:

This baseball mitt wall shelf was a thrift store find, and it holds a bat and a ball.

My Dad and I went to an estate sale, and in the barn/garage there was a big bucket of scrap wood.  I think we paid $5 for it all.  There were two different colors of painted wood, and as soon as I saw them I thought, “Those look like fence posts.”  Instantly I remembered seeing a cute baseball sign about “swinging for the fences.”  My Dad nailed them together for me and added a hanger.  I used my craft paints to add the slogan.  Done.

I found a vintage Cracker Jack tin at the Worlds Longest Yard Sale in August.

 I also grabbed some old baseballs and a bat there.  I sat the balls up on the ledge over his closet door.

I had a plain beige throw pillow from my in-laws so I painted on the word “baseball.”

This wood caddy was another thrift store find.  I added the Brewers logo – using this technique. It’s a place for him to store his baseball cards, game programs, etc.

I used stencils to add a sweet little detail onto the door to his room, to remind him that you should have something to aim for (Cooperstown is where the Baseball Hall of Fame is.  The mileage is the distance from our house to Cooperstown.)  It took 15 minutes but it makes me smile whenever I walk by…

This Reds poster was a find on Freecycle – which, if you haven’t checked out, you should.  People post things they would like to get rid of, and if you want it, you email and ask and if you’re first, you get it.  Free.  The letter B was from his old room, spray painted to match.  I think it originally came from HomeGoods.

We had a Groupon to a wall mural company, and Brady picked out this pic of Miller Park in Milwaukee.  From left to right, the Ryan Braun canvas was a birthday gift from a relative, the game towel was another gift, and the Brewers sign was an eBay win.

We added a mirror from our stash, at his height instead of above the dresser where you would normally put a mirror.   It’s his room, and I want it to be something he can use when he needs to.  Then we added four double-pronged hooks to give all those baseball caps a place to live.  I didn’t worry about screwing them into studs because they will only be holding hats.

I’ve saved the best for last.  At a charity auction, my husband did something he almost never does.  He bid on something!  And not something little.  No, he bid on a custom painted wall mural done by a local artist.  And he won!  We knew right away which room this would be going in. :-)  My son chose a scene from Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati.  Keep in mind, we had done the rest of his room on a budget, so this was definitely our big splurge.  It took four whole days of painting (artist’s website here).  But in the end, the result is a stunning, inspiring scene that makes this little boy’s room an absolute home run!

If you are working on making over a room, my advice would be:

Take some time and search as many places as you can for second-hand items to add to it.
Add some inspiration, some positive thoughts.
If you are the creative type, include some personally done touches.
And don’t be afraid to invest in a marquee piece!

I had so much fun putting this space together, for someone I love so much!

Thanks for reading!

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It is the Saturday before Christmas, and I am cozy at home, with my family tucked in to their beds (I got a nap today, thank you, hubby.) I’m slowly making my way through a stack of Christmas cards. My son’s class guinea pig is hanging out – a little friend staying with us over Christmas break. I’m watching CMA Country Christmas – and I am struck by how very blessed and lucky I am.

“So lay aside each earthly thing, and with thy heart as offering
Come worship now the infant King, tis love that’s born tonight.”

That’s what The Band Perry just sang.

I feel like a little piece of my heart that normally is lifted up with love during Christmas is still broken, and grieving the losses in Connecticut last week. My two children, 7 and 4, make the losses so very real.

This post made me weep – it captured my particular feelings so well.

Every time my children reveled in where their Elf on the Shelf was when they woke up in the morning, every time we opened a Christmas card in the mail from a friend and saw their smiling faces in a family picture, every time I think about the little feet that will race to my bedside Christmas morning and shout that Santa came, I feel the tears come back.

Someone asked me this week my thoughts on why this particular shooting feels so different than other tragedies, I thought about it, and I said it felt like somehow this managed to hit “us” at a place we felt so protected, so off-limits, that there’s just nowhere to file it.  A quiet, happy, peaceful town with hardworking, normal families whose children attended a great school, in the heart of the Christmas season.  It’s unbearable to look at their sweet, beautiful faces.  Because, of course, I can only imagine a small part of the pain their families must bear.  And because, of course, I see my own babes’ faces, and then the part of their pain that I can imagine is so deeply, dark and all-consuming, I cannot bear it.  And yet, they must.  And then I cry for them again.

They have buried their loved ones.  But the holes in their lives will continue to catch them off-guard.  It’s always the unexpected things that tap you on the shoulder, and whisper, “they’re still gone.” What about the day they have to take that child’s booster seat out of their car?  What about next Christmas when they’re hanging the stockings?  What about the next time they have to sign a greeting card from their family.  Will they include the name of the person they lost?

I want to stomp my feet and shout that it’s not fair.  I want to do something to make sure that those families who I do not know, know that our hearts are breaking for them, with them.  I want to bow my head, and say thank you for all I have been given.  I want this Christmas to bring with it a new gift of shared concern – that this year something will shift a little bit more in all of us, and that we’ll be able to find a way to reach out to those around us and care about them just a little bit more.

O Come O Come, Emmanuel.  And ransom captive Isreal.
That mourns in lonely exile here.  Until the son of God appear.

May all the new angels in heaven comfort those left here on Earth.  Heaven knows they need it.


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I have had so much stuff coming into and going out of this house – pretty much since we moved in 6 months ago.  It’s hard to keep track of what in the world I have.  But I did want to post the cool stuff I got last month at the World’s Longest Yard Sale. This was my first trip to the WLYS and it did not disappoint!  

This little blue wood step stool was $1 (it was plain blue when I bought it) and I found some stickers at Joann that matched the decor of a friend’s new baby’s nursery.  It made the perfect baby gift!  I painted stripes around the sides, put the stickers on, added his name, and gave it all a couple coats of Minwax Polycrylic.  Done!

 These are in the odds and ends department.  They are all little wood things that I paid no more than 2.00 for. In the back is a little sled, which would be a great mantle decoration. In the front – awesome duck motif wood basket. :-)  To the right a trinket box and to the left a really nice old wood drawer organizer that has tongue and groove corners.  So nice.

 In this pic, a great old picnic basket is in the back – I’ll probably turn this into a wedding gift and put the couple’s last name on top. On top of that is a small wall-hanging basket.  In front, L-R is a wall rack for spools of thread, a small sign that reads “you are forever blessed” (until I paint it), and a wood carving that looks like blocks and has all the seasons, each on a different side.

 These little tables are adorable!  They are only like 2 feet tall, and have drop leaves on both sides, so they fold down to almost nothing.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with them yet, but they are great and it was $10 for the pair!!

 More wood signs and wall baskets, and a plain bulletin board.  (again, nothing more than 2.00)

 These are miniature garden gates – I think they’d make great Halloween props outside! They were 1.00.

 These are crazy old wall hangings that I’m saving for someone special :-)

 This is going to be gift for someone, too.

 I also found a bunch of nice old linens.  Holiday guest towels that were hand embroidered.  Those are French knots above and they are just lovely.

 I also scored a sweet flowered sheet for my daughter’s room, and a batch of everyday cloth napkins. I think they were all 1.50 each.

 I also spotted this baseball fabric, which will be perfect in my son’s new room.

 These printed graphics are nice – the America one, probably for a 4th of July mantel and the university is my alma mater.

 Then there was the glassware. My new house has all glass-front cabinets on top.  So I have been buying glass lidded containers at every yard sale and thrift store I go to.  I also got a couple of decorative pieces to add to my collection.  Again, I didn’t pay more than 2.00 for any of these. Do you sense a theme? I am cheap, and proud of it!

 I bought this old Corningware teapot that my mom used to have.  It reminds me of the past whenever I put water on.

 I’m not sure what to do with this pitcher.  Maybe a Thanksgiving centerpiece?  It could also easily be painted.

 The little teeny teapot is actually a kitchen timer.  So cute!  It was .50 cents.

 This is an awesome vintage ice bucket.  Hammered aluminum, I believe.  It feels very Mad Men, and we didn’t have one, so I picked it up.

 Stuff for the kids was everywhere.  I kept buying for them to a minimum.  A piggy bank for my daughter, and a thermos and bowl for her, too.  Some vintage Fisher Price toys in excellent condition for practically nothing.  A water jug to fill and keep in the car when it’s hot.  And a cool set of Halloween cookie cutters.

Then there was this beauty. I think I’ll keep this one, and fold up some quilts or blankets in it.
So that’s my story.  I can’t wait until next year!


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What a fun week this has been! I have just had creative juices a-flowin’!

I wrote a while ago about this wood trunk I bought on Craigslist several months ago. I had intended to paint it for my daughter’s room. But it just wasn’t playing out that way… I never could figure out what I wanted to do with it.

Then, a good friend had a baby, and mentioned that she was looking for a toy box. Serendipity! So, my Dad set to work doing some minor repairs, adding a missing piece of trim (that turned out to match the other pieces perfectly), and installing new safety hinges to prevent smashed baby fingers.

Then, I got to work. My friend did her baby’s room in sea creatures and thought a treasure chest would be cute. The minute she said that, I knew this would be a fantastic project!

I used my craft paints and added some black trim to the edges, and around the hardware.
Then, I added “sand” along the bottom, starfish, seahorses, seaweed, a “Nemo,” and coral around the sides. I painted some “jewels” hanging out of the top. :-)

I even found some black thumbtack-type things that I pounded into the black trim on the sides to give it that old Pirate-y look.   Fun!

Then, for the top of the chest, I painted an old-fashioned looking compass, a padlock and skeleton key, and a scroll warning all treasure hunters that, “treasure is property of Capt. Alex”

I loved this project. So budget-friendly, and a quick job, yet so personal and really a gift from my heart for a longtime friend. I hope the chest brings her little man much happiness in the years to come!!

Then, I turned my sights to a valet that we’ve had for years, that I bought my husband once upon a time, but now, two houses later, no longer fits in our master bathroom or bedroom. Sigh.

I had painted it a glossy white a while ago, but couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Then, the inspiration struck, and I decided to turn to the Graphics Fairy site for some vintage French graphics and lettering. I distressed the piece and drew on the French flair, and it was like a whole new piece!

 I practiced my drawing on paper first.

 The Graphics Fairy also had this awesome graphic of a vintage dress form and added it.

I used calligraphy markers to do this, but I’m sure you could print out the image and mod podge it on. At any rate, if you haven’t been to the Graphics Fairy, you should!

I’ve been loving the feeling of cranking out project after project. I wake up in the morning and can’t wait to go paint!

Anyone else?


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Yes, I live in Kentucky, but no, this post is not about basketball.
I just delivered (rather, my incredibly awesome parents delivered for me) the biggest piece I’ve done, to date.

This piece found me.  She yelled right at me from the parking lot at my favorite local non-profit thrift store.

No one else was even looking at her.

But I knew the minute I laid eyes on her, that she was coming home with me (saggy cardboard, spiders and all…)

She’s no lightweight.

She boasted great storage, and with those detailed cabinet fronts, was just screaming (as Nicole, the heroine of HGTV’s Rehab Addict puts it), “Make me pretty!”

My Dad helped me haul her into the house and reinforce her structure a little.

Dad, you rock, as usual.

Then she was all mine.

I put her on Facebook, and immediately got snatched up by a friend with bold taste, who was willing to take a risk and have me do this for her long distance.  She never saw it in person until it was delivered to her front door.  Is that a leap of faith, or what?!

This piece got two coats of primer, about 3 coats of paint (some places needed more touch-up, as getting paint in ALL those little curves, nooks, and crannies, took some time and patience) and Polycrylic to keep her looking great for years to come.

Here’s what I love most about this piece:

I never would have chosen the colors the owner chose.  Just would not have happened.  The color – bold, bright, beautiful – made this dumpy relic into a Grande Dame.

She looks regal in her blue-purple*.  The owner also wanted paper lining the inside, and she chose sheets of peacock feathers.  Amazing.

There was a lesson for me at the end of the process.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with how the piece turned out.  And it is what it is now, because the owner did something out of the ordinary.  She took a chance – and made me take a chance.  A major step out of my comfort zone.  And it resulted in a broader horizon for me.  So, thank you, Liz!  I envision many wonderful cocktail parties, and dinners with friends going on with this piece in the room.  And I hope it makes you smile each time you look at it.  I know I did.

Here’s the materials I used:

Primer – Zinsser Bulls Eye Water-Base Primer & Sealer

*Paint – Crushed Velvet in flat finish by Olympic at Lowe’s (this color is reading as way more purple in these pics. It is more blue in person.)

Top coat – Polycrylic Satin finish by Minwax

Hardware – sprayed with flat black then finished with Valspar silver spray paint, also at Lowe’s (also coated with Polycrylic for durability)

Paper – Recollections scrapbook paper, called Peacock Feathers, sold by the sheet at Michael’s

So the next time you’re out thrifting or yard saling, and a big old honkin’ piece yells at you, LISTEN!  And try something bold and different.

Thanks for reading!


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Hi y’all! Summer is winding down. The World’s Longest Yard Sale has come and gone (my finds…coming in a separate post).
A three piece vanity set has just been delivered to its happy recipient. A big ol’ buffet is in the works right now. Suffice it to say life and good and full!
 I am slowly learning all about this blogging/furniture designing/entrepreneurial stuff. Today, I decided it was high time I learned how to edit some photos because I really needed some good Before & After pics. I mean, they are just SO gratifying, are they not?
 I introduced myself to Picmonkey.com and boy, do I love it!!
 So without further ado, here are the collages I’ve made to show others, and especially potential clients, my work. Thanks for viewing.

 Have a great day!

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Friends, let me just say that I’m fully aware of my upper middle class life and all the blessings that go with it. There are so many people all over the world who have real, serious challenges they face. This is not one of them. But. I really needed a nice way to store rags under my kitchen sink, and the crumpled up wad of clean rags that I had shoved into a plastic grocery bag just wasn’t cuttin’ it anymore. SO yes, I did spend my Saturday night making a pretty box… for my rags. Here goes: I had an empty box from Costco that their kitchen trash bags come in. It’s heavy duty cardboard, and has a really generously sized opening in the front. Just the right size, to say, shove rags into and pull them out of… Serendipity, right?!

I also had the remnants of a roll of the most awesome wrapping paper ever, thank you to Martha Stewart and Wally world.

I got scissors and tape, and it’s pretty much as simple as this… I wrapped up the Costco box like a present. (Stay with me here)

I cut a hole where the box opening was in the front. I carefully cut it larger until it was just about the right size and shape of the actual opening. Then I folded the wrapping paper over the edge of the opening, and taped that stuff down so that Hurricane Andrew couldn’t blow it off (because I will be shoving rags into this thing, like, all the time, and that’s my favorite wrapping paper, darn it, and I don’t want to have that piece wasted!)

 Once that was taped down, I got out my black Sharpie. I got out my “typewriter” font set of stencils, thank you Martha Stewart, and Michael’s.

Then, upon my pretty trash bag box, I stenciled, (still with me?) “RagS” I sat the box under my sink. I shoved it full of rags and rejoiced at my cleverness.

(ugh – btw, this wrapping paper looks yellow in some of these pics. It’s not.  It’s blue and white. )

So there you have it.  World peace? Um… no.
A peaceful sigh when I open up the cabinet under my sink to clean up the umpteenth spill of the week?  YES!

And PS – while I was at it, I made a little label and put my dishwasher detergent gel pacs in a thrifted glass jar.  Super smile!

Go in peace. Somebody probably spilled something while you were reading this.


Linkin’ up here cause it’s awesome:
Frugalicious Friday @ Finding Fabulous

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