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me and hubby

Hey! I’m Anne and I’m SO happy you’re here!

I’m a former television news reporter and anchor, and this blog is my outlet now, for writing and telling stories.  I’m at home with my two children, married to the love of my life.me and my oldest

me and my youngest

When I first started blogging, the title I chose for my blog was “Because Home Should be Great.”  That’s a little wordy, so here I am at Anne Thompson Designs now, but I will always keep that blog title as my mantra.  Home should be great.  And it should also be afforable, comfortable, and MOST importantly, uniquely your own.

I do projects around my own home, and I also refinish furniture and offer design and decorating help for friends and clients who usually become friends. :-)

mom and the chair we tore apart - fun!

Dad, AKA my second favorite carpenter. After Jesus, I mean.I work with my mom on upholstery and with my dad on building shelves and redoing bathrooms, cause, you know, that’s fun! It’s a great privilege to work with them!

I try to keep it Real here.  I hope you’ll stay a while. I’ll put the coffee on… or pour the wine…depends on the time of day really…



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  1. Lynda Hamilton August 21, 2014 @ 11:59 pm

    On Wednesday, July 30, 2014, Lynda Hamilton wrote:

    I wrote this a while ago but think I may have had the wrong address ???

    Hey Anne-

    Sorry this is so overdue – I left for vacation the day after Haven.

    It was SOOOOOOO awesome meeting you at Haven. By the last day it felt like we had been friends forever! So bummed you don’t live in Park Ridge anymore. We could have had so much fun! You better let me know if you ever come to Chicago!

    Seems like Haven was forever ago now!

    Talk soon-
    Lynda Hamilton


    • annethompson13@yahoo.com August 24, 2014 @ 11:28 am

      Lynda, I’m super sorry about that. It does seem like Haven was forever ago now, and things have been just ridiculously busy at my house, so I apologize. But I was SO AWESOME meeting you too! I am dying that I didn’t meet you when I lived in Illinois! Argh! We should think of some way to hang out again before next year!
      Lots of hugs from Kentucky,

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